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Thorsten Ulbrich

Thorsten Ulbrich

Creative & Digital Growth

¿El yoga llego a mi vida?

Through the woman I fell in love with. Many years ago, in a time I lost touch with myself it helped me greatly to find new perspectives and a clear mindset on the way to get closer to my heart again. Not so much a physical experience - on a spiritual level, this helped me transcend the body and my inner limits to find a higher level of consciousness. I am very grateful for this experience to have come into my life.

¿Mis especialidades?

Developing creative solutions to complex problems. Being a visual romanticist in the sweet spot between tech and innovation. Pioneering visionary thinking beyond the norm.

¿Mantra o frase?

Thoughts become things
¿Libro favorito?
"Psycho-Cybernetics", Maxwell Maltz
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